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Sep. 6th, 2010


Hey girls, i'm selling some stuff

Old navy tank top $5 dollars
Lauren Conrad, originally 30 dollars, worn a handful of times, selling for $20
 Hollister $5
 Voice $10 dollars (this is negotiatable)
forever21 $10 (will negotiate)
  1 dollar

Aug. 27th, 2010

My vintage led zepplin shirt

I got this vintage Led Zeppelin House of the Holy shirt for 8.00!  It kinda reminds me of K-stews Led Zeppelin shirt!


I got this at my local consignment shop, it has a collar very similar to the inhabit one, but they way it fits feels way more like the proffesor cardigan, i think i'm gonna dye it, and get some suede elbow patches ;]

Kristen's Ray bans

got these at a yard sale for 10 dollars!  BRAND NEW!

Bella-esque Outfit

I thought this is a very bella-esque outfit that she would wear in the summer
Khaki shorts
light grey pointelle-lace tank top
airy blue plaid shirt

Lauren Conrad

I got this Lauren Conrad shirt at kohls fofr 30 dollars, i looove it!

Kristen Stewart Minor Threat t-shirt

This is very similar to k-stews Minor Threat T-shirt.  Her's says Minor Threat Out of Step, and it's blue.  Mine is obviously white and doesn't say out of step

Hollister Hannah top

I got this for 25 dollars from athousandpromises or jj33
 a little snug but hopeuflly, it wont shrink anymore!

Hollister Grey Tank top

I bought this off of Lucca for 30, and i love it, i wish i had it in a bigger size for my boobies!

Cliff Diving Outfit

This is my cliff diving outfit.  The American Eagle top is my first Bella purchase!  I bought it around 2 christmases ago.  132 dollars!  If i ever sell of my Bella collection, this will be the one thing that stays!  The blue top is a old navy top that i got at a flea market sale! 

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